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How To Send Big Attachment File In Email Using SecurelySend?

Just discover a web service called Securely Send that allows one to email big attachment of any file type to recipients without worry of their mailbox size.

Like most other similar services, the file to be sent is not attached to the email as usual. Rather, it is a hyperlink of the file to allow recipients download it from Internet.

SecurelySend is a free web tool for sending big attachment of any file type via email.Therefore, the result is lower chance of bounce message (NDN or non-delivery notification), since there is no real attachment to trigger email server rule that block high risk attachment file type, and it won’t breach recipients mailbox size for sure.

Features of Securely Send:
  • Using HTTPS connection to send large files up to 200MB for 3 times per month (free) or 2GB for 20 times per month at $5.
  • Log in to track attachment availability (free download link active for 10 days after sent) and received status (notification after recipient download the attachment).

To use the service is even simple – click here and follow the clear instruction. When it is done, the recipient will see the message with file attachment download link similar to the one printed in screenshot (above).

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