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Download Adobe Flash Player Offline Installer From Official Site

The official direct download link of Adobe Flash Player offline installer is always up to date, although the URL remains static as if the standalone installer never changed or updated accordingly.

If your Flash Player is outdated – right click an embedded Flash video (e.g. Facebook video) and select the displayed version:

Perhaps the easiest trick used to find or check Adobe Flash Player version.

Then, just grab the manual installer (Windows platform only) from Adobe website (useful for installing on multiple computers, without having each of the machines to online and download from Internet all over again):

As of now, Adobe Flash Player is the latest (Windows) program to play embedded FLV (Flash video) on YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc.
Just realized the previous v10.2.152.26 showed wrong version in the right click menu:

Right click on a Flash video to check Adobe Flash Player version installed on computer.
Easier trick used to check Flash Player version by right click on embedded Flash video

Maybe this update is just to correct that little mistake :)

Although outdated Flash Player continues to work, it should be upgraded to the latest version to harness security and performance enhancement.

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