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How To Uninstall Windows 7 SP1?

You should install Windows 7 SP1, unless the service pack causes compatibility or operation issue that cannot be tweaked or fixed easily.

If you encounter problem after installing the service pack, here is the procedure to uninstall Windows 7 SP1.
With reference to Microsoft website, the said procedure steps are only applicable if these two criteria are met:
  • Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 via Windows Update or standalone installer (available at Microsoft Download Center).
  • The backup files created during Windows 7 SP1 installation are still available, e.g. you didn’t run Disk Cleanup to delete pre-SP1 backup files.

There are two ways to uninstall Windows 7 SP1:

Using Control Panel

1. Click Start button, type programs and features and hit ENTER when the typed item appears atop. Alternatively, open Control Panel, set “View by” (top-right corner) to either large or small icons, locate and click “Programs and Features”.

2. Now, click “View installed updates” option that is found at left pane of “Programs and Features” window.

3. Locate “Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB 976932)” and click on it to start uninstall Windows 7 SP1 process.

Using Command Prompt

1. Click Start button, type cmd.exe then right click the typed item that appears atop and select “Run as Administrator” (see also how to open elevated Command Prompt).

2. Type wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932 at the elevated Command Prompt window and hit ENTER key to start uninstall process.

Obviously, the 2nd method (using Command Prompt) would be useful for those who want to automate uninstall process for a batch of Windows 7 computers.

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