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How To Fix Microsoft Excel File Corrupt Glitch?

When I used Microsoft Excel 2010 to open a worksheet saved in XLS file format, it shocked me with a message that said “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened. Was this information helpful?”.

OMG! That file is really important, so I hope to be able recover or repair the corrupted Excel file. Luckily, it is fixed – it is actually in good state and that misleading error message is in fact caused by a glitch (of Windows 7 EFS or Excel 2010 Protected View feature):

Tricks used to fix Excel file corrupt glitch.There is no error when the Excel file is not encrypted. After enable the “Encrypt contents to secure data” option, the file corrupt error pops up until the “Unblock” button is clicked.

So, if Excel 2010 says the worksheet file is corrupt, you should try to disable encryption (EFS) for that Excel file or unblock the file, and then try to open it again. Good luck!

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