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How To Find Adobe Flash Player Version Installed On Computer?

Now, one can easily find or check Adobe Flash Player version in right-click context menu, if you’re not sure what version of Flash player is running on your computer.

After installing the latest Flash Player, right click on a YouTube video (any Flash video will do) and it will show Adobe Flash Player version number in detail (major and minor version number):

Right click on a Flash video to check Adobe Flash Player version installed on computer.
Flash player version 10Previous Flash player, for example v10.1 or earlier, doesn’t display full version number, i.e. only the major version number is shown.

To find out if you have installed or using the latest Flash player, just right click a Flash video and click the version number, then it will lead you to this URL:

where you can confirm the Flash player installed on your computer is up to date or outdated, by comparing the published Flash player version number on various platforms.

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