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Backup Google Pacman From Google Chrome Extension Folder

Google Pacman available as a Google Chrome extension to allow fans playing the free game offline.I have this free Google Chrome extension that allow me to play Google Pacman offline on Google Chrome (the web browser I use every days for most of the web browsing).

However, it is not available now as I search for “Pacman” on Chrome web store. Not sure this is just a temporarily glitch or Google decided to remove the free game permanently.

Playing Google Chrome offline

How to backup Google Pacman extension

If you already have this Google Chrome extension installed and like to keep this free game in own store, please navigate to Google Chrome extension folder:

Make a backup of “GooglePacman” folder in that path before uninstall the extension or format Windows. For users on non-Windows platform, you may search that particular folder to locate it.

Though this backup won’t allow you to reinstall the extension, you can open “Play GooglePacman.html” and enjoy the free game offline as you wish. Of course, this way allows you to open Google Pacman on any web browsers that support JavaScript.

Personally, I prefer Google Pacman than the Adobe Air version of Pacman (see previous post), as the former doesn’t require additional software to be installed except web browser. Best of all, I can play Google Pacman offline in office (during rest time) without leaving a record in the daily Internet usage tracking report :)

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  1. Adr 20-08-12@22:30

    Thanks for this!

    I have two Extensions which where removed from the store so they didn’t sync to my other Chrome’s.
    Now I still can have them on my other Chrome’s, I am really thank full for that! :)

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