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Tweak IE8 To Fix YouTube Playback Error On Facebook

When using IE8 to access Facebook in full HTTPS encrypted session, you might not able to play YouTube video shared on Facebook Wall.

In previous post, I proposed three possible fixes, i.e. using Mozilla Firefox, open the video on YouTube.com, or disable Facebook full HTTPS security feature.

Now, you might want to know which IE8 setting causes YouTube video playback error in https session:

As shown by the screencast, video playback error is gone after “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option is enabled.

How to fix the YouTube video playback error when using IE8 to browse Facebook in full Https encrypted session?

If that “silent” video is not working (sorry for my bad presentation), here is the guide in text form:
  1. Open Internet Explorer,
  2. Press ALT+T to bring up Tools menu and select Internet Options,
  3. Go to Advanced tab,
  4. Scroll to Security section and enable “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”.

  5. Tweak IE8 security setting to fix YouTube video play error in Facebook https session.
  6. Click OK to close Internet Options dialog box.

In my test, there is no need to restart Internet Explorer. Having said that, you should be able to play the YouTube video shared on Facebook Wall in no time (after turn on that particular IE8 security option).

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