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How To Make YouTube Auto Replay Loop?

There is a replay button, if you want to repeat playback of a YouTube video. But, how to make YouTube auto replay a video repeatedly on the video page until you stop it or close browser window manually?

In the past, one might able to get this done by adding “loop=1&autoplay=1” parameter in YouTube video URL.
I tried the trick just now, it’s NOT working on IE8, Google Chrome 9.0, and Firefox 3.6, even with “playlist” and “version=3” parameters added. If you know the trick, please share with me.

Instead of muck about YouTube player parameters in URL, I think it is easier for me to copy the cached video and get a media player freeware to do the job.
When the YouTube video playback completes, there will be a copy of this video left in Windows temp folder (or web browser cache folder) by Adobe Flash Player.

Alternatively, you may consider installing web browser add-on / extension. For example, there is this YouTube Auto Replay add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

As am using Google Chrome at most of the time, I choose to install Auto Replay for YouTube.

Install Google Chrome extension to get YouTube auto replay a video repeatedly.After installing this Google Chrome extension, you’ll get a little “Auto Replay” check-box on the YouTube video page (at bottom-right corner of YouTube video player, below the resolution / full screen controls, as shown by screenshot).

When you want a YouTube video to auto replay endlessly, just tick the “auto replay” check-box and the Chrome extension will do it automatically :)

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