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How To Instantly Open Windows Media Player Playlist On Windows 7?

By using Windows Jump List, one can easily open and play Windows Media Player playlist, whether by mouse click or tapping on touchscreen tablet.

Windows 7 tip: Customize Windows Media Player Jump List with playlist and songs.After you add playlists to Windows Media Player Jump List (as shown in the screenshot), you can instantly start playback by right click the Windows Media Player button on Taskbar and select your favorite playlist.

To access Jump List on touchscreen computer, just tap-and-push Windows Media Player button on Taskbar towards Desktop area.

If Windows Media Player button is not on Taskbar, just add one by right click Windows Media Player shortcut on Start menu and select “Pin to taskbar” from context menu.

Note, application’s Jump List is introduced by Windows 7. Thus, it is not available on older Windows releases, including Windows Vista, unless using third party software to mimic Windows 7 UI.

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