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Facebook: How To Share Status Message Of Friends On Own Wall?

Why only some Facebook users can share status message of friends on their own Wall? If there is no such share button or link on status message, is there an alternate way to “easily” share your friend’s status update message on Facebook?

Nobody seems able to tell exactly why the option to share status update of friend is not available to all Facebook users yet.

How to share Facebook status update message of friend?Maybe this feature stills undergo testing and thus only applicable to selected users (maybe senior members).

With reference to Facebook Help Center, Matt Schlosser suggests the workaround as this:

1) Right click on the time the status message was posted by your friend (e.g. “2 seconds ago”, as per the screenshot), select “copy shortcut” (IE8) to copy the link.
On Firefox, the right-click context menu option is “copy link location”. For Google Chrome, it’s called “copy link address”.

2) Click the Share Link option of Facebook to share the permanent link of status message you’ve copied on previous step.

3) Click Attach then Share. Voila! You have just shared your friend status update message on your own Wall.

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