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How To Mute Nokia N8 Microphone?

In what situation you would like to mute or disable Nokia N8 microphone? Though those cases rarely happen but there are some in reality.

For example, sometimes when I receive unknown number or known telemarketing call, I just be bad by accepting the call with mic muted (hopefully they will blacklist my number after answering them silently – just like deleting spam emails without open them :)

How to turn off or disable Nokia N8 microphone?So, how to turn off Nokia N8 microphone during a phone call?

When N8 is on phone call mode, there is a microphone button on screen – tap it once to mute and tap once again to unmute the microphone at wish.

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  1. Frederick 15-12-10@01:05

    Can you start doing stories about something other than Nokia again?
    Nokia is irrelevant. I’m tired of skipping all the stories that come up from this blog.

    Please consider it :)

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