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How To Download And Install Latest Ovi Maps For Nokia N8

Where can you download the latest stable version of Ovi Maps for Nokia N8 and most of the latest Nokia smartphone with Ovi Maps preinstalled? It’s not available on Ovi Store and maps.nokia.com.

Unless with a direct download link (please be kind to share), you have to use Nokia Ovi Suite.
Uses Ovi Suite to download and update preinstalled version of Ovi Maps on N8.
Ovi Suite is freeware but it is only available for Windows platform (min. Windows XP SP2). Good point is user can backup Symbian apps/game installers in Ovi Suite cache folder after installing to connected phone.

Install the latest Ovi Maps for Nokia N8.As for now, the latest stable release of Ovi Maps is version 3.06 10wk46 b01, which include features such as pinch-to-zoom, better search experience, support new maps with public transport line, Check-in, etc.

Note, the new update feature which allows user download Street Maps directly to phone without using a PC is not available on this stable release, unless install the latest beta version from Nokia Beta Labs.

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