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How To Direct Download And Update Ovi Maps Data On Phone Without Using PC?

Finally, the latest Ovi Maps v3.06 10wk48 b01 allows me download and update Street Maps data directly to Nokia N8 without using PC with Ovi Suite installed.

As shown by this screenshot, there is a new button called “Update” on main menu:

New Ovi Maps can direct download and update maps data on phone without going through Ovi Suite on PC.

After click it, there will be a list of Street Maps installed on the phone and you can either select “Add new maps” to download new Street Maps data or choose “Check for updates” to get latest maps data, right on the phone without connecting to PC running Ovi Suite:

The Ovi Maps direct download and update maps data on phone can only be done over WIFI connection, as update via 3G mobile Internet connection is not currently supported by beta release.

This handy feature adds convenience for travelers and backpackers who would like to get latest maps data update at anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a working WIFI connection (though there is risk by using public WIFI).

Note, update maps data direct on the phone via 3G mobile internet connection is not currently supported, and it is not available with the latest stable release installed by Ovi Suite.

If you’re interested, download and install the latest beta release of Ovi Maps from Nokia Beta Labs, which is only compatible with phone running S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 Platform (i.e. touchscreen-based Nokia smartphone).

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