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How To Delete Inline Attachments And Blank Lines Of Email On Outlook 2010?

Do you ever receive emails with inline attachments or Exchange emails appending with thousands of empty blank line? These messages are not only eating email storage but also loading slowly on open.

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook 2010, there is a trick used to remove inline email attachments and empty blank lines without deleting the email.

Here, the message titled “Superbike” received on 09-Dec-2010 00:08 was 152KB:

Trick to remove Exchange email attachment without deleting the said email.

Open the email message and click “Actions” followed by “Edit message” – this handy function allows you to edit the email received in Inbox, as if you’re composing it:

The Outlook 2010 email edit function can be used to delete inline attachments and empty blank lines, helps to reduce message size.

To format or edit inline image attachment, e.g. crop, resize, compress, change resolution and DPI, just right click on the image and select “Format picture”:

Using Outlook 2010 to format or edit inline image of emails received in Inbox.

After resize the inline image attachments:

Trick used to resize and rearrange inline image attachments of email received by Outlook 2010.

Now, the size of the said email is reduced to 39KB!

Reduce email size by removing or deleting attachments.

As for deleting thousands of empty blank line, just move the cursor to first blank line and press CTRL+SHIFT+END will highlight all of them, then hit DELETE key to remove at one go.

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