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How To Delete Email Attachment Without Deleting The Email?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 allows user to delete email attachments but keep the said email in Inbox for future reference. This feature is particularly useful for Exchange users whose email storage is approaching quota.

As shown in this first screenshot, the message received on 09-Dec-2010 00:04 was 151KB:

Trick to remove Exchange email attachment without deleting the said email.

Open this message, right click on attachment and select “Remove Attachment” (of course, you may select “Save all attachments” before deleting them one by one):

Outlook 2010 features option for deleting attachment without deleting email.

Now, the same email message has its size reduced to 7KB only, after deleting attachments :)

Reduce email size by removing or deleting attachments.

So when your Exchange storage exceeds quota, click the “sort by attachment” column header (e.g. 3rd column on my screenshot), and try to remove email attachments but without deleting the messages.

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