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How To Get Outlook 2010 Confirm Exit Message Box?

Uses delay delivery option as a trick to get Outlook 2010 confirm exit message on quit is pretty useful when you accidentally close it with the ALT+F4 hotkey.

1) Write or compose a new message with dummy title/content and address it to yourself.

2) Before hitting Send button, click “Options” tab followed by “Delay Delivery” button, tick “Do not deliver before” check box and set delivery date to future:

The trick used to force Microsoft Outlook 2010 displays confirm exit message box on quit or shutdown.

Outlook 2010 with pending to send item in Outbox will display a confirm exit message on quit or closing.3) Now, click the Send button – Outlook 2010 will park the email in Outbox as pending to send item, to appreciate the delay delivery setting.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 confirm exit prompt on closing.From now on, until the Outbox is emptied, Outlook 2010 will prompts you to confirm exit on closing, whether you really want to close it or shut it down accidentally.

As shown, the default focus of the confirm exit message dialog box is “Exit without sending”. Thus, just hit ENTER key if you really want to close the Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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  1. APF 06-04-11@20:20

    Thought you were going to be the savior and finally figure out a solution to this annoying and frankly potentially dangerous Outlook 2010 behavior, but unfortunately I tried what you suggested and it doesn’t help.

    Outlook still blindly exists (using Close) whether there are emails in outbox, current or future dated, or not.

    Other ideas? Maybe someone can write an add-in or macro to check for emails in the outbox?

    HELP! Just last night I wrote an email, thought I had sent it, exited outlook, only to find this morning it was still in my outbox! This is extremely annoying and another great example of how Microsoft changes things arbitrarily without thinking about the implications.


  2. HecSan 13-04-11@22:54

    This solution works as described. Thanks. I’m using Outlook 2010. Just thought to share this… it will not work if you open the dummy email you’ve created, so don’t open while it’s in Outbox.
    I which there was a VBA code to automate the creation of this dummy email and setting it up so that I don’t have to redo the steps again everytime I restart my pc (once a week). I’ll keep googling :) perhaps will create my own code when i get a chance. Thanks much.

  3. Ross 18-07-11@19:47

    This solution does not work. Outlook exits without prompting.

  4. Phil 19-02-13@01:15

    Worked for me. Nice workaround to a highly annoying problem!


  5. taoxutaoxu 21-08-13@21:17

    This solution works with Outlook 2007. Thanks. Microsoft could easily add one cancel button to achieve this nicely so we do not have to use this kind of trick. But thanks a million letting us know the trick

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