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Time Lapse On Nokia N8

The Nokia Panorama is great to harness Nokia N8 supreme 12 megapixel camera, but where is the Symbian^3 camera apps for doing time-lapse photography on N8?

Sad to know that I find nothing on Google yet, but looking forward someone to create one soon…

Meanwhile, I have tweaked the Python code made for time lapse on S60 to run on Nokia N8 / Symbian^3 Platform.

The images quality, however, is darn not acceptable – there is no auto-focus and the resolution is not as good as the HD quality supported by N8 camera hardware. What a waste!

In addition, the Python for S60 2.0.0 requests Internet connection whenever I run the Python Script Shell or the compiled Python apps. (According to some comments on Forum Nokia, this glitch is likely caused by PIPS 1.7 on the phone).

If you’re interested to try anyway the Python time lapse apps on N8 / Symbian^3, here is the SIS and PY (source code). Note, you must have installed Python for S60 2.0.0 first – download PyS60_binaries_certificate_error_fixed.zip to install Python_2.0.0.sis and PythonScriptShell_2.0.0_high_capas.sis.

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