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How To Fix Kaspersky High CPU Usage Problem?

After Windows 7 64-bit boots up, the Kaspersky IS 2011 (avp.exe 32-bit) starts to use all CPU power of the Intel dual core processor. Though it doesn’t freeze Windows entirely, but the overall system performance is terribly affected and not really fun to use with :-(

First, I suspected full scan task was causing high CPU usage and thus I let it ran overnight. When the system booted up on the next day morning, the avp.exe was still the top CPU consumer in Windows Task Manager’s processes list.

Kaspersky using all CPU power on Windows 7.

Some users commented on Kaspersky forum that this could be due to Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are running concurrently with Kaspersky 2011 Internet Security suite. For my case, both of these Windows security applications are disabled but it doesn’t relieve Kaspersky high CPU usage glitch!!!
Without looking for more detail, I think there is no point to enable or activate Windows Firewall and Windows Defender since Kaspersky IS is entrusted for Windows security and protection. Thus, I disable these particular security programs bundled with Windows 7.

Final trick that fix the Kaspersky high CPU usage issue on Windows 7!

Trick to fix Kaspersky x32 high CPU usage on Windows 7 x64

Though it’s a painful process but I guess this trick saves me lot of time and efforts spent to figure out why the dear Kaspersky IS 2011 using all the CPU power:

1) Reboot Windows and uninstall Kaspersky IS 2011 (system performance is still good immediately after reboot, before avp.exe starts to occupy CPU processing power again).

2) Install the latest update of Kaspersky IS 2011 – while I was checking the Kaspersky product update, the latest version is stills During setup, however, the installer said there is a even newer version!

Download latest Kaspersky IS update.

Maybe there was a corrupted engine update that had caused the high CPU usage issue and thus the problem is likely fixed after reinstalling Kaspersky IS 2011 (no point to use repair function if there were some corrupted files which are of newer version, I guess).

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