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How To Fix Nokia Panorama Problem After Hard Reset N8?

After hard reset Nokia N8, the notable glitches you’ll encounter are missing Ovi Maps, unable to install Ovi Store client, cannot open and run Nokia Panorama.

Though it is possible to install Ovi Maps v3.06 beta version and use PC to download Ovi Store apps, I can’t open and run the cool Nokia Panorama to harness supreme camera feature of the smart phone :-(

BUT, it works fine again after installing both Qt and QtWebkit of version 4.6.4 (developer edition)!!!
Thanks to someone who identified as “Telefoon” for pointing the official download link of these two Qt sis files. Though I replied that this trick doesn’t solve the Ovi Store client problem, but I didn’t realize that it does fix the Nokia Panorama cannot open and run issue until the later day.

Besides, these Qt sis installation files also fix the WordPress for Nokia Symbian^3 installation problem. Btw, the WordPress for Nokia Symbian^3 installer triggers Nokia Smart Installer to install dependencies which I believe include the original Qt and PIPS libraries, but it keeps on complaining network connection lost without successful so far :-(

Note, the original Qt of N8 should be version 4.6.3 (with reference to N8 technical specs), but the official download of Qt 4.6.3 (Qt_installer.sis) cannot install on N8 due to missing PIPS components.

Again, if you’re adventurous, give it a try – download Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 (required Forum Nokia login ID), expand the zip file and install qt.sis followed by qtwebkit.sis (both of Qt 4.6 for Symbian^3 ONLY).

Install Qt and QtWebkit to fix the Nokia Panorama cannot open and run problem after hard reset Nokia N8.

You’ll see the security warning during installation, that these applications are for development use only and continuing installation may cause serious problems to your device. Well, I’ve installed it and so far so good (BUT not sure what will happen to yours – be warned!).

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  1. {TRS-Elite} Telefoon 19-11-10@01:16

    Well, the problem with the n8 is that the Qt package is not included or not installed by default when you reflash or hard reset your phone. When you have done this, I suggest you install the above mentioned files in the article. Also I’ve tried to download the ovi store installer from the nokia website, maybe this might be the final solution… But I’m happely downloading apps trough ovi store nowadays :).

    Also, I can confirm the problem that Ovi Maps might not work after hardresetting. Installing the ovi maps 3.06 beta from the betalabs does work. This even gives you the pinch to zoom ability!

    {TRS-Elite} Telefoon

  2. Walker 19-11-10@10:16

    After installing these two Qt installers, I did use the phone to browse Ovi Store website and download to install the client as it prompts to do so, but it is stills fail with “Unable to install” message :-(

    Then, there is a cache copy in E:\Download folder on phone:

    MD5: 46a898460d8becd67abd3a94d930d542

    Am I having the same installer as yours?

  3. {TRS-Elite} Telefoon 21-11-10@01:26

    Yes, that is exactely the same file I’ve used. What you could try is the following.
    Uninstall ovi and ovi store from the installed applications.
    Do this also for QtMobility if you have this file.
    After this, reboot your phone. Install the Qt from package 4.7! not 4.6!
    After that, just run ovi store, whitout running the installer first. This might be the solution :)

  4. Walker 21-11-10@17:43

    Tried with Qt 4.7 too but to no success :-(

    Note, after hard reset, there is no Ovi Store on the phone or “installed application”. The QtMobility is not shown in the installation log as well (though it is there).

  5. gio 29-11-10@06:03

    After experiencing this hard-reset fiasco, I installed qt4.6.4 and my nokia panorama worked as well as my nokia battery monitor application, however i noticed that the qt and qtwebkit files in the installed applications menu on my N8 shows that its certificate details is valid from 12/10/2010 and valid until 01/04/2011, does this means that after April 04, 2011 the certificate will expire and my nokia panorama and other applications developed under qt will cease to function? please clear me on this issue… thanks!

  6. Walker 29-11-10@15:49

    I believe that the case, and the fact that 4.6.4 is actually a developer edition.

    Let’s us hope there will be a fix for the hard reset case in coming N8 firmware update.

  7. destiny 08-12-10@09:26

    Dear All

    I have the same problem after Hard Reset to my nokia n8 i lost my all the contents especially ovi maps & ovi store & i am trying carious things including Qt libraries but nothing work then i read & use Phoenix to flash the mobile an with in 5-7 minutes i am able to get OVI Store & Maps back(as the flashing complete it shows on my phone automatically). For further details kindly inform me.


  8. Walker 16-12-10@00:03

    Unless flashing N8 with Nokia firmware, I am quite reluctant to try custom firmware (mod).

    I will consider mod when I stop storing personal/sensitive stuff onto it (by then I might be using a new phone running Android).

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