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How To Transfer Or Sync Contacts And Data Between Nokia Phones?

One can easily transfer data from old to new Nokia phone (e.g. Nokia 5800 and N8) if the Phone Switch apps is on both of these Nokia devices.

The data that can be transferred or synchronized includes but not limited to contacts, calendar entries, SMS, Notes entries, etc:

As shown by the “silent” video above, where I transferred personal data from Nokia 5800 to Nokia N8 using the Phone Switch apps – that process is simple and done within just few minutes.
Apparently, without using Nokia Phone Switch apps, I would have to spend lot of time and efforts to sync SMS, contacts, calendar and Notes entries from old resistive touchscreen phone running Symbian^1 platform to this new capacity touchscreen phone powered by Symbian^3!

Though different models of Nokia phone could have different path to open Phone Switch apps, you should try to find it by reading phone manual or go into each menu folder to locate it.

On Nokia N8, for example, the Phone Switch can be found in Menu > Applications > Tools > Phone Setup > Data Transfer. After activate Phone Switch on the phone, just follow the on-screen instructions to get N8 synchronized with your old Nokia phone.

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  1. William 23-03-11@17:27

    I am failing to transfer data from Nokia N70 to Nokia N86. When I run Transfer from either phone, i get to a point where a file ‘DataMover.sis’ is sent to the other phone and the receiving phone cannot open the file. the program then aborts at that point. please help

  2. Walker 23-03-11@23:12

    Maybe you should copy that particular .sis file to new phone.
    If that file is protected, I guess you can’t even send it over Bluetooth.

  3. Fellytone 18-08-11@06:25

    I’m trying to copy messages from mu N76 to my N8, but at some point it just says: some data not transferred. Or bluetooth connection failed [while it has not] what could be the problem?

    I hope you can help me :)

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