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Why Google URL Shortener Is Better URL Shortening Service?

Google URL Shortener or Goo.gl is latecomer in URL shortening service but why many people out there think it is a better alternative?

Well, I prefer Goo.gl for URL shortening on these following points:

1) Google has muscles to maintain the service – the chance of Google to drop this service because of financial or technical difficulty is relatively small as compare to others in this field.

Unless the demand for URL shortening service drop drastically, the tiny URL created by Goo.gl should be easily remain active and stable “forever”.

So, there should be no worry of broken links if you use Google URL Shortener service.

2) Goo.gl is backed by Google’s global infrastructure to ensure stability, security, and most importantly the speed (as noted on the official Google blog – Making URLs shorter for Google Toolbar and FeedBurner)

3) Goo.gl is less likely blocked by corporate firewall or proxy server as it is one of the services of Google :)

4) Value-added services which are now include QR Code and tracking information for each of the tiny URL generated by Google URL Shortener. For example:

Append .qr to the shortened URL to get the corresponding QR code:

Append .info to the tiny URL to track traffic performance and statistics:

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