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How To Rename Virtual Machine On VMware Server 2?

Ever wonder how to change the name of an existing virtual machine on VMware Server 2.0.2? Well, it is always not too hard, if you have to give the virtual name a new name that describe it better :-)

1) Connect to VMware Server 2 with your favorite web browser.
Says the VMware Server v2 is running on remote host with IP and default setup, then points the web browser to:

2) After login, click to select the virtual machine of interested in the Inventory pane on the left:

How to rename a virtual machine on VMware Server 2?

3) On the right pane, look for Commands module and select “Configure VM”.

Change the name of virtual machine on VMware Server 2. 3) In the VM Configuration dialog box, go to General tab and there you can change the virtual machine name. After clicking OK button, the old name on Inventory pane automatically refreshed to new one, as seen on Win7-IE8.

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