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How To Boot VMware Virtual Machine Into BIOS Setup Screen?

Similar to a physical IBM-compatible PC, it is possible to access VMware virtual machine BIOS configuration utility, if you have to do so.

Using VMware Server 2.0.2 Build 203138 as reference, there are two ways to boot its virtual machine into Phoenix BIOS Setup Utility mode:

Manually press F2 to enter BIOS setup

The chance you won’t get this work is high if VMware Server 2 is running on a high performance machine :-)

Hotkey or keyboard shortcut to enter VMware virtual machine BIOS setup screen.

As shown, you can press F2 shortly after the virtual machine powered on or soon after it boots up.

Auto boot into BIOS setup mode on next machine boot

This great alternative allows one to access the virtual machine BIOS utility at ease.

The VMware Server 2 with option to boot virtual machine into BIOS setup screen automatically.

The configuration set virtual machine to automatically boots into BIOS setup screen on next boot-up (once only):

1) Uses web browser to connect and login to VMware Server 2.

2) On the left pane is Inventory (of virtual machines). Click on the one of interested to select it. Next, at the right pane, locate Commands module and choose “Configure VM”:

How to rename a virtual machine on VMware Server 2?

3) After the VM Configuration dialog box appears, go to Power tab and look for “Bios Setup” – there is an option that said “Enter the BIOS setup screen the next time this virtual machine boots”.

Tick the check-box and click OK button to save settings. Reboot or power on the said virtual machine and wait for the result :-)

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