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Direct Download Windows Live Messenger Beta 2011 Full Offline Installer From Microsoft Server

The Windows Live Essentials Beta 2011 full offline installer includes complete setup files for all Windows Live beta programs, such as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Microsoft has just updated the previous beta version 2010 which is now as Windows Live Essentials Beta version 2011 (build 15.4.3002.810).

Windows Live Messenger 2011 Beta full offline installer.

With reference to users’ feedback, Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta has significantly improved the performance and quality of services, which include quicker Messenger, more efficient video chat (harness GPU power and thus lower CPU utilization), better facial recognition in Photo Gallery, Movie Maker supports high bit-rate video content, etc.

If you are interested to have all Windows Live programs installed on multiple computers that sharing a slow broadband and yet limited by monthly bandwidth quota, I suggest you to directly download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta full offline installer from Microsoft servers (or the Live.com)- since it is directly from Microsoft servers / domain, the installer should be genuine, reliable and original (and thanks God as it is still working)!

Check out my earlier posts on this subject if you are interested on how I get this direct download link. Good luck.

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  1. donald 18-12-10@00:25

    i like this program for chatting others and having fun with them

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