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Windows 7 Tip: Add Playlists To Windows Media Player Jump List

The easiest way to open and play a favorite playlist with Windows Media Player on Windows 7 is by adding the WPL file (Windows Media Playlist) to Windows Media Player Jump List.

1) Open Windows Explorer, go to Music Library and locate / search for Playlists folder (Windows Media Player automatically save playlist created by user to the default save location of Music Library).

2) Open the Playlists folder, click to select one WPL file at a time AND drag it to Windows Media Player button (icon) on Windows 7 Taskbar.

3) Release mouse click as soon as “Pin to Windows Media Player” message appear. By then, the Windows Media Player Jump List appears and you should see the Windows Media Playlist (WPL file) already pinned on the Jump List.

From now on, you can instantly open a favorite playlist with Windows Media Player by right click its taskbar button and click the said playlist (suppose it is already added to Jump List). For touchscreen users to access Jump List, just tap the Windows Media Player taskbar button and push it towards Windows Desktop.

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