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How To Remove Attachments From Emails On Outlook 2010?

This is a Outlook 2010 trick for those who want to remove email attachments but not delete the emails of sender.

Imagine a situation where an email contains few useless attachments. So, you want to keep that email for future reference, but the useless attachments can be deleted (to save priceless disk space in mail server/local disk).

See, this is how the trick works:

Outlook 2010 allows user to remove attachments from emails without deleting the messages.

This “Remove Attachment” function of Outlook 2010 v14.0.4760.1000 is NOT able to remove inline attachments (i.e. those attachments embedded in email message body). No worry, here is another trick if you like to remove inline attachments and keep the emails smaller in size.

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  1. Paul Lingenfelder 05-11-11@04:30

    Thank you for your solution to deleting email attachments in Outlook 2010 when not “inline.” When they are “inline” you can go to Actions on the toolbar and select “Edit Message.” When in edit mode you can select the attachment and press “Delete.”

  2. Bob Whitehead 29-12-11@05:34

    It would be interesting to know how to delete an outgoing message that will not leave the Outbox folder due to having an oversized attachment. The normal “Delete” functions do not appear to work; I think I will have to find the actual folder in Windows Explorer and try to delete the message file outside of Outlook.

  3. Tonny Vaes 24-01-12@17:10

    @Paul Lingenfelder
    Thanks Paul! The “Edit message” did the trick. I didn’t know they added that in 2010. It is logical and safer this way. Problem solved!

  4. Walker 27-01-12@21:43

    Thanks to all!
    Here is another post with graphics to show you how to remove inline attachment or to reduce size of emails in Outlook 2010.

  5. LUIGI DAGOSTINI 28-01-12@02:48

    Thank ou Paul, very happy with your advise, solved my problem.. all the best. Luigi, Toronto CA.

  6. Jeroen 26-04-12@21:08

    This is not a new feature.
    In effect compared to previous versions I miss the information line that was added after removing an attachment – this was very handy in remembering / proving that you originally had attached the file to the mail.

  7. U 14-09-12@02:49

    I want to keep the text or html of messages from certain mail account, but throw away any incoming attachments.

    Is there any way to make this Automatic? I searched an option in Rules of Outlook 2010 and cannot find anything related…

  8. Jeanette Rivas 06-11-12@04:02

    Is there a way to retrieve an attachment that you removed?

  9. gary smithson 15-12-12@04:53

    So after I remove the picture attachment from the email where exactly does the attachment go?

  10. Walker 15-12-12@14:47

    Remove means delete.

  11. Tammy 19-12-12@01:05

    So if you remove an attachment from an e-mail, there is absolutely no way to recover it?

  12. Walker 19-12-12@01:18

    Unless there is a backup of Exchange Server that contains this email prior to removing its attachment.

  13. Harry 23-07-13@12:35

    I’m sure there used to be a way to remove an attachment but leave the name of the attachment in the email as a record. Anyone know how to do this?

  14. Ryan 30-09-13@23:49

    Is there a way to delete all attachments WITHOUT opening the email? So, as I go back through email and want to save space I’d like to delete all attachments without needing to open every email to do so.

  15. Walker 01-10-13@00:58

    Maybe can, by writing macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to run on Outlook.

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