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How To Fix Error 80070035 While Attempt To Open Windows Shared Folder?

What is that error 80070035 that pops up as you trying to open a Windows shared folder? What could you do to fix it asap?

Since everyone is able to access that shared folder except my Windows 7 machine, the culprit must be on my end. Knowing that I can ping the IP of remote host, so there is nothing to do with physical network infra as well.

Most importantly, it was working before lunch, but not good in the afternoon. So, what is actually causing this network error code 0x80070035:

Windows 7 shows network error code 0x80070035 as you attempt to open or access a shared folder on remote host.

As I recall what had been done during the morning hours, I come to know that this particular Windows service, TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, shouldn’t be disabled, unless access to shared resources is not required:

Enable TCP NetBIOS Helper service in order to access Windows shared resources.

The network shared folder is not immediately accessible after enabling TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, but it is working again after couple of minutes (in my case). If it is not, then maybe have to reboot or log off and log on Windows again.

If you came across solution other than this, please share by leaving a comment. Cheers.

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