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Tune Putty-SSH Display Characters For Large LCD Screen

The modern LCD/LED monitor for computer is getting bigger and wider that is capable to render at higher resolution – full HD is no longer a dream.

Even I am still using the bloody old 17″ LG Flatron LCD, I feel the pain of reading Putty-SSH remote access displays on 1280×1024 resolution :-(

Thanks god, Putty allows user to customize the display window appearance. In this case, I changed the default 10pt Courier New to 12pt – now the display is really comfortable and easy to read.

If there is a saved session profile, load it and goes to Windows > Appearance – there you can change the display font size, type, quality, etc.

If it is an active session, as the one shown in screencast (above), right click the window title bar, select “Change Settings…” and goes to Windows > Appearance. Have fun and good luck!

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