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How To Upgrade Windows Live Messenger To Version 2010 Beta?

Whether you are using the Windows Live Essentials Beta full installer or bootstrapper, you don’t have to remove or uninstall existing Windows Live programs unless you really mean that.

Indeed, the Windows Live Essential Beta installer automatically upgrade existing Windows Live programs to the latest beta version 2010 (build 15.3.2804.607) and offer option to install other Windows Live programs that are not currently found in the computer.
Thus, if you only want to keep Windows Live Messenger and upgrade it to beta version 2010, then you should remove or uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker, etc, from computer prior to install Windows Live Essentials Beta 2010. Otherwise, using “Programs and Features” (Windows 7/Vista) to remove those programs later.

1) Double click Windows Live Essentials Beta 2010 installer and click “Choose the programs you want to install” option to proceed:

Choose option to selectively install Windows Live Essential Beta programs.

2) Deselect whichever programs that are not required and proceed

The installer upgrade existing programs the latest beta version 2010.

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