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How To Use Email To Post Status Update Or Picture To Facebook?

In some occasions, using email to post status update, photos or videos to Facebook is easier than doing so in Facebook.

Imagine how nice to be able forward funny emails with image attachments in Gmail to Facebook Wall for mass sharing, instead of saving the attachments to hard disk first then only upload them to Facebook?

If you like this idea, first you have to know what your dedicated Facebook email address is or where can you find this personalized upload email address (Facebook term):

How to find this personalized Facebook email address that is used for posting status update or photos on Facebook directly from an email client or web apps?

1) Go to http://www.facebook.com/mobile/

2) Log in with your Facebook account – there you will see that personal Facebook email address (as shown in the above screenshot).

3) For convenient access, save that email address to the Contact / Address Book in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Ovi Mail, etc.

Now, you can post status update to your own Facebook Wall via email (written on subject / title).

You can also post images/videos to Facebook via email, whether they’re sent as inline attachments or not.

As this personalized upload email address allows you to post status update on Facebook from any email domains, anyone who knows your Facebook email address is automatically capable to do so on your behalf from any email accounts (not necessary have to be the one used for registering Facebook).

Thus, unlike your other personal email addresses, don’t share this dedicated Facebook email address with friends (keep it yourself; for your eye only).

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  1. Steph 29-12-11@06:03

    Can’t find the personalized upload email on a new account. I definitely used this feature before.

  2. Walker 13-01-12@00:28

    The new Facebook personal publishing address can only be seen when you access Facebook Mobile Web to upload photo/video.

    C.f. http://www.walkernews.net/2012/01/13/how-to-find-new-facebook-personalized-upload-email-address/

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