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How To Change Facebook Personalized Upload Email Address?

The Facebook personalized upload email address is a special, dedicated email address for each of its users, allows one easily upload images, videos, or status update to Facebook Wall directly from email client / web apps.

That is to say, you can instantly share funny junk mails with image attachments on your Facebook Wall by simply forwarding those emails to this special email address of your Facebook profile.

Clearly, it is way simpler and more efficient than have to download attachments from email server then upload again to Facebook.

However, there is risk of letting somebody to post on your behalf some funny status message or unwanted pictures to your Facebook Wall, if someone knows your personalized Facebook upload email address (even he doesn’t know your Facebook login ID and password).
Right now, Facebook doesn’t enforce restriction of using only registered private email address, i.e. one can use any of his/her private email address for post status update on the Wall via FB personal upload email address, regardless the email address he/she used for FB account registration.

Tip of changing personal Facebook upload email address

Steps to change or reset Facebook personalized upload email address.

1) Log in to FB and click the “Attach Image” icon. If you don’t get this, then go to your Profile page, there you will see the Wall and that image upload icon.

2) Select “Upload a photo from your drive” option

3) Click the “Upload via email” link.

4) Now, click the “Refresh your upload email” link found at the bottom of pop-up box and click “Reset” button.

Should you confirm to change / reset, then a new personal upload email address is shown next:

Reset or change Facebook personal upload email address can only be done a limited number of times only.

At this time being, you can only change or reset the Facebook personal upload email address a limited number of times.

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  1. Lochana 02-11-10@14:33

    So i’ve tried resetting my email but everytime i tried there was an error. Then eventually it said I exceeded the number of times I can reset and it says I have to wait a couple of days. It still didn’t let me reset it. Is there a way around this?

  2. rose roby-harden 02-11-10@23:48

    need uploaded email reset have never reseted it before.

  3. Janice Arms 20-12-10@11:28

    The same thing happened to me. I never had an E-mail account for FB

  4. Delighla 15-02-11@11:00

    How do I change it?
    I don’t want my facebook to be hacked by some random person.
    It shouldn’t be this hard, and really all I need to do is get around the error but it obviously won’t allow that. All I want to do is post some pictures…

  5. Lauriii 19-03-11@08:53

    You made my day thanks, i looked all over the internet n didnt get it till noww thanks thanks :)

  6. Riz 18-08-11@01:10

    hi can anyone over here please just tell me that what happens to the old upload email which is used to upload pictures/videos because i mistakenly sent my pictures to my old upload email and then realized that the upload email is changed by Facebook automatically to some new id…so i’m kinda worried, i just want to know that does the old upload email id still exist or not!!does someone else gets my previous upload id??…

    Please reply asap!


  7. prettyblack jessica 06-11-11@16:06

    my personal email uploader messing up n it wont let me put my pics on my facebook page so i tried to change my email but it didnt do anything what do i do?

  8. Ashley Morgan 10-12-11@06:57

    What is my personalized upload email address? I can’t find it at all it not where it says it is.. HELP ME PLEASE I hope u can help me out today thank u

  9. Carmen Poley 12-12-11@18:00

    Im tryin to get my personalized upload email address, or even change to get a new one. went through the steps and didnt get the opt.”upload via email”. Please Please Please help!!!! Thank u!!!

  10. ED Crawford 15-12-11@01:45

    None of the icons you mentioned on your message show up on my personal FB page, is that the old style FB page ? let me know I’m trying to find my upload e-mail address to upload photo’s from my cell phone to my personal FB page ! thanks

  11. Crystal hill 15-12-11@06:33

    what is my personalized email address for uploading photos from my phone>>>? Facebook is becoming a difficult social site… Seriously!!!

  12. jessica 16-12-11@09:32

    I am trying to send photos through text message and it isnt letting me. I need a new personalized e-mail address to do this it says and IDK how to get it

  13. mcrump 01-01-12@07:48

    My page doesnt show any of the above mentioned icons and such when I am on my page. Is there another way to find or get access to my personal email address?

  14. k_eaglesfan17 03-01-12@06:08

    When I press “submit by photo/video” the caption “or by email” does not come up. Nothing that is shown above comes up on my screen.

  15. ray 05-01-12@09:25

    Still cant refresh my find my personalized upload email address

  16. Tammy 10-01-12@12:22

    Why do you keep changing my “personalized upload email address” ####@m.facebook.com?? My phone doesn’t have internet but I like to add photos using this feature but now I am not able to :( uggg!! please stop changing

  17. TammyK 10-01-12@12:26

    I want to add photos from my cell and used to use ###@m.facebook.com but now that doesn’t work…. so i tried to add my mobile phone # but it wants me to “download the app” I don’t have internet on my phone so this is NOT an option. I just need my “personalized upload email address” can you please email it to me or tell me how to get it without having to download anything. Thanks!

  18. Walker 13-01-12@00:25

    You can find the new Facebook personal publishing address from Facebook Mobile Web:


  19. angie 06-02-12@02:48

    My hotmail was blocked,whether it was through someone trying to hack in,i want to change my email on facebook but will not let me!

  20. Brandon 17-02-12@01:42

    This method no longer works.

    Do you know of any other way? I have contacted facebook about this issue 14 times over the last seven months and have never received a response.

  21. Carina 18-05-12@16:33

    This dosnt work every time I press upload image it won’t let me upload images.

  22. Ben 21-05-12@00:23

    Hey all, anyone suffering this issue and unable to change their upload email go to: https://www.facebook.com/help/hacked

    Go through the steps to secure a hacked account. Once you have done this you are also allocated a new upload email.

  23. Walker 21-05-12@00:49

    Thanks Ben for sharing this tip.

  24. Virginia 14-10-13@17:45

    I have a facebook but never recieved a upload email address how do i get one

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