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How To Use Meebo Repeater To Access MSN or Facebook Chat Behind A Firewall?

Meebo Repeater appears to be an safer alternative for accessing Meebo from a computer that is restricted by firewall or proxy server.

This is useful when you’re on business trip to a country with no access to IM services (God know there are such countries). Instant Messaging is way better than email when real-time interaction is expected, such as on-site system troubleshooting.

Meebo is a web-based IM service that allows users simultaneously connect to multiple instant messenger platforms, which include but not limited to MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, Google Talk (GTalk), etc.

Steps to configure Meebo Repeater

Meebo Repeater is a tiny portable program, i.e. just double click it to run without installation.

1) Download Meebo Repeater from official site. If you worry about security, download the source code and compile it yourself :-)

2) Run the Meebo Repeater on any Windows computer that can DIRECTLY access and login to Meebo, e.g. home computer with broadband Internet connection. It can works in corporate network but the configuration is way complicated than running it on home computer.

Meebo Repeater allows users to access various instant messaging services from behind firewall or proxy server.

Suppose Meebo Repeater activated successfully, it displays “Your URL is https://xxx.xxx.xxx” message at bottom – this is the URL for you to access Meebo from web browser on a restricted computer (behind firewall / proxy server):

The trick to access Meebo and chat online from behind firewall or proxy server.

That IP shown in the URL is in fact the WAN IP of your broadband Internet.

In my test, however, only http:// works but not the https:// (secured HTTP connection). So, change the https:// to http:// if the https:// URL shown by Meebo Repeater is not working during your test as well.

Don’t try to open the URL shown by Meebo Repeater from a computer with same Internet IP address – it won’t work. So, test it with help from friends at far or uses 3G smartphone that connecting to another broadband Internet service.
To check Internet IP of your computer, browse to who.is and look for “Your IP”.

The default listening ports of Meebo Repeater are 443 and 80, which are mapped to Meebo web server listening port number on 443 and 80 respectively. So, you won’t get that “strange and impractical” port number shown in the animated screenshot (above). I just change it for fun :-).

If you get Failed to activate repeater message, your broadband router modem is likely either not support UPnP or the UPnP feature is disabled.

The easiest way to run Meebo Repeater is to turn on UPnP (if this function is supported by the router modem). Otherwise, configure the router modem to do port forward (sort of network traffic redirector), e.g. to map 80 to 80, 443 to 443.

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  1. rebekkah 05-03-11@20:19

    NOTHING IS WORKING !! i have been to literally EVERY site to help get meebo working on my school laptop but it wont work.. i have tried everything on all these sites but everything is blocked.. does anyone know how to push past the administrator in CMD settings?
    i can get half way in that but it doesnt work.. someone help me.. not having msn is freeking killing me )))):

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