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How To Enable Facebook Account Login History?

Facebook offers an optional account security feature allows users to be notified (by email) when the account login is done from computer or Internet devices that are never been used or acknowledged by the account owners.

Once you’ve turned on this (new) feature, Facebook will prompt you to register the computer, after the login screen but before loading the Facebook News Feed, if that computer is either never been used to login your Facebook account OR the web browser cache that contains your previous login activities has been emptied / deleted:

Facebook account security feature requires user to register trusted computers that are normally used by owner to access Facebook account.

Enable Facebook account login activity tracking feature

1) Login to Facebook, click the Account link on the top-right corner followed by Account Settings.


2) Locate the Account Security and click Change. Select Yes and click Submit.

Enable Facebook account login tracking feature to prevent someone from access your Facebook account without your consent.

After turn on the Facebook Account Security feature, you (or the bad guy) will be prompted to register the new computer (as mentioned earlier) and an email alert about account login on this new registered computer will be sent to the owner’s registered email address (i.e. the one used to login to Facebook).
If you are using same login password for both the Facebook and email, then this feature is pretty useless as the bad guy would have login the registered email account too and delete that notification.

Although this feature is a bit troublesome to people (me and probably you) who regularly empty web browser cache, I personally think it is worth to be enabling. At least, the bad guy will think twice as he is prompted to register the computer used to login Facebook account that is not of him/her.

P/S: I am also looking forward Facebook to support HTTPS entirely, from the time of account login until logoff, to prevent my “precious” privacy from easily read by network sniffer as the plain-text data packets travel across the computer network.

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  1. Faraz Khan 04-06-10@02:35

    My facebook accounts was Disabled. why ??

  2. surender 08-06-10@02:07

    i added a lot of friend on orkut but facebook has.nt given me any warning they have disabled my account i wana activate account as soon as possible

  3. Anndra 18-10-10@08:58

    My ex-husband is saying that I am sending msg to him using our sons facebook account. This is not happening but he has managed to come up with some sort of proof in an e-mail. I have checked my son’s facebook as well as my face book and the dates that we were on face book and the times we were at work or school. There is no way that these come from our accounts. How can I prove this, do our accounts have IP addresses or some way that I can prove he forged the e-mails?

  4. Walker 20-10-10@21:11

    @Anndra, sorry to hear about your case and I can’t help much here.

    If you have access to the email in question, you may able to find the real sender from “message / email header”.

  5. joel chandler 29-11-10@06:20

    my ex accesed my account and deleted my daughters photo album without my permission. how do i retrieve the lost photo album and how do i report her for privacy abuse?

  6. Walker 29-11-10@15:46

    Sorry to hear that. I am afraid you can’t restore the deleted pics unless filing an request to FB.

    As for the abuse matter, not sure there is one applicable for your case:


  7. disha 11-11-14@11:08

    someone hacked my account and enable step-2 verification process and after days he deactivated my account. how can I recover my fb account?. The email address provide for recovery is also overtake by someone

  8. charles giggie 05-06-15@06:54

    hi how can I get my facebook back since one of my family members deleted it on me while I was away for awhile from home thank you

  9. Rossel Gabitan 07-03-17@10:49

    How can I retrieved my facebook account if I had forgotten my email password ,my contact number is not updated and I have no recovery contacts?Can I still recover my account from the device I last log in?

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