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Handy Backup Offers Reliable Backup Solution For Home And Enterprise

Handy Backup is one of the few reliable backup software for Windows and Linux system (requires WINE). Developed and released as freeware for home users in 2002, the little backup software never stop to evolve over the years.

Now the latest Handy Backup 6.5.2, marketed by Novosoft LLC, is build with great backup capabilities that meet requirements from home to enterprise users.

Although it is no longer a freeware, there are three editions target at home and small office, small and medium business, and enterprise, with price tag ranges from $39 to $599.
Regardless the 3 different editions, beware that there are two versions of Handy Backup:
  • The latest Handy Backup is offered by Novosoft LLC, which actively develop the said backup software to work with the latest Microsoft Windows OS, e.g. Windows 7 (compatible with both 32 and 64-bit system)
  • A legacy version of Handy Backup offered by Novosoft Inc.

With reference to Handy Backup 6.5.2 functionality, I bet you will agree that Handy Backup indeed is a Swiss Army knife, i.e. almost all sort of backup requirements are tackled by Handy Backup (it certainly deserved for that name)!

If you’re interested, download a 30-days trial copy to test and prove it yourself.

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