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How To Add QR Code In Blogger Or BlogSpot?

Certainly you can add and display QR Code of blog in Blogger, a.k.a. Blogspot, the free weblog service of Google Inc.

Login to access the Blogger Dashboard and click the Layout link:

How to customize theme in Blogger?

Go to the Page Elements and click the “Add a Gadget” link:

Using Blogger Gadget to add features on blog running by Blogger.

Select “HTML/Javascript” gadget from the Basic category:

Using HTML-Javascript Gadget to add and display QR Code in Blogger.

In the configuration page:

Using Google Chart API to display QR Code in Blogger.

1) Copy the following block of HTML code to paste in the Content text box:
<img src="http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=100x100&chl=https://www.walkernews.net" alt="" />

2) Change the text in red (if you prefer a different QR Code image size) and the text in blue with your weblog URL.

3) Click Save button. You should able to view the QR Code appears on the sidebar, if the Google Chart API is still active and freely accessible by the public.

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  1. Chappuis 05-10-10@00:56


    You can use Google URL shortener, and just add .qr at the and of URL to get the QR Code

  2. Walker 05-10-10@23:13

    @Chappuis, thanks for the tip!


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