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QR Code Is Two-Dimensional Bar Code Seen In Product Label

QR Code of WalkerNews.netThe square icon with random messy pattern that normally seen in product label nowadays is called QR Code, something similar to this one shown here. A camera mobile phone with QR Code reader, such as UpCode in Nokia 5800, can easily decode the content of QR Code.

QR Code is commonly seen in Japan and now is probably the most popular 2D barcode at outside of Japanese market, probably a result of:
  • Hard sell by Google OS Android;
  • Free license for everyone to use it (as the patent owner Denso-Wave does not exercise the rights.)
  • The QR Code specification is clearly defined and published as ISO standard;
  • Contents can be decoded at high speed by QR Code reader;
  • Micro QR Code is feasible to be printed and read on some small modular parts;

For those who would like to create personal QR Code, for fun, fashion, etc, can Google for the free online QR Code generators, e.g. Kaywa; ZXing Project; Kerem Erkan’s PHP QR Code Generator

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