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Free BSGP Compiler From Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research introduces Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming (BSGP) language to develop C-like program that can utilize computing power of both CPU and GPU. The BSGP language, maybe, is using DirectCompute API in DirectX 10 or above, to access the parallel computing unit of GPU like Nvidia CUDA.

For those who are interested to take a look of this new programming language, you may download the freeware BSGP compiler to dirty hand:

Download the freeware BSGP compiler.

According to Microsoft Research website, the BSGP program code looks similar to sequential C program. Developer needs to include little information on source code to have the compiled program make use of parallel processing on GPU.

Thus, they claim the BSGP programs are easy to read, write, and maintain, but the ease of programming does not compromise performance of code execution.

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