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How To Save Inline Image Attachments Of Email In Outlook 2007?

You can easily save or extract the inline images of an email in Microsoft Outlook 2007 without having to hit print screen button, copy and paste, or using screen capture software like Snipping Tool.

Unless the images are sent as attachment, the Save Attachments function in Outlook 2007 SP2 does not save any one of those inline images as you wish. Besides, you can’t drag the image out and save it to folder.

You can, however, right click the images, one by one, to select the Copy option and paste it to Paint, Word 2007, etc. This Copy function is similar to use Print Screen or screen capture application, i.e it can’t paste the copied content in a folder to save it as a file.

Alternative way to extract inline images in Outlook 2007 emails

1) Click the Other Actions shortcut in Actions tab and select “View In Browser” to read the email in Internet Explorer (or the default web browser of your choice).

Option to read Outlook 2007 emails in web browser.

Now, you can right click the images one by one and select the Save Picture As option. Regardless the file format used by sender, the images are always converted to save in BMP file format.

In order to retain the extracted images quality / resolution as those of sender, proceed to following steps. In my test, the MD5 checksum of extracted image is identical to the sent image:

2) Press ALT+F to bring up File menu and select Save As option.

3) In the Save Webpage dialog box, click select “Webpage, complete (*.htm; *.html)” option for the “Save As Type”.

4) Access to the folder of saved webpage, rename each of the non-zero *.tmp files to the file extension used by sender. Alternatively, open the *.tmp files with IrfanWiew, the image viewer freeware will automatically prompt user to rename the image to correct file extension.

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  1. Joshua 11-02-11@15:43

    Thanks for this useful hint. As a Mac user who has to work with MS Windows at my workplace I again and again am shocked what awful usability lacks MS applications have… It’s just a shame, shame, shame…

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