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How To Index Google Profile Page To Search Engine?

Do you know how to create a Google Profile page and index it online so that everyone can view the profile at given URL or search your unique profile via search engine?

Although it is not likely to see your Google Profiles page appears in the first few pages of Google Search result (unless you’re a starlet or celebrity), the Google Profiles page is NOT accessible by anyone except for the owner who login with Google Account IF the profile page is NOT indexed by search engine.

Google Profiles page is not accessible by public until the profile page indexed by Google Search.

To create your Google Profiles

It is darn easy to create one for free at google.com/profiles

Index Google Profiles to search engine and make it accessible by public

Again, it is free, i.e. not need to pay single cent to Google Inc for indexing your Google Profiles page. Once the Google Profiles page is indexed by search engine, the profile page URL is accessible by the public, e.g. google.com/profiles/walkernewsdotnet

According to the given guideline, a Google Profile will only be indexed to Google Search result if you’ve selected to display your full name. I tried that and confirm it is NOT working.

In my test just now, the Google Profiles page only accessible by public after filling most of the fields in the About Me tab, including the photo of profile, display full name, nick name, other names, the place I live and work, etc. Looks like the statement that read “Adding more information will help you improve your profile’s rank.” meant to be “include more information in order to have your Google Profiles online!”.

Why bother to have your Google Profiles page? Well, you might not need one now but maybe later. It is good to have one for your name as a celebrity, for the company, blog, etc. Best of all, it is free, so why not go to get one before your expected name claimed by others.

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