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How To Calibrate Nokia 5800 Touch Screen?

Suppose the Nokia 5800 technical spec is trusted, then this smartphone is using resistive type of touchscreen. With reference to Embedded.com on How To Calibrate Touch Screens, a device with resistive-type touch screen almost always require to apply calibration algorithm before it is used for the first time.

Over the time, the touchscreen might have to recalibrate for better touch precision. If you press 1 but it activates 2 in the numeric keypad, then it is time to perform touchscreen calibration.

Step by step: Nokia 5800 touch screen calibration

Click the menu key to access Nokia 5800 touchscreen menu.There are three hard buttons below the touchscreen. Press the middle, white button to access Nokia 5800 Menu screen and then tap the Settings icon.

In the settings screen, tap Phone option.Next, tap the Phone icon to proceed with Phone setting screen.

In the phone screen, tap the touch input option.Now, press the Touch Input icon to access the touchscreen related settings.

In the touch input screen, tap the touch screen calibration option.In the Touch Input screen, scroll down to bottom and tap the Touch Screen Calibration option.

Using stylus to tap the circles, one by one as prompt, to complete Nokia 5800 touch screen calibration.With reference to the animated circle, tap the center of target with a stylus. Until all 4 circles are pressed accurately, the touchscreen calibration process is considered done successfully.

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  1. Josh 05-03-10@08:10

    I have just got my Nokia 5800 recently and i worked fine for a while. but then suddenly it would not turn on. i mean by that i can hear the nokia starting tone, but nothing appears on the screen?

    Are there any solutions do this? or do i need to buy/return it?

  2. Gervaso 09-06-10@16:37

    Thank to your post now I know about calibration.
    I am using Remote Desktop software SymRDP for S60 5th on my Nokia N97 phone. After calibration it works even more smooth now!

  3. BeeKay 22-07-10@06:50

    The step by step to calibration is great and I think that would solve my problem of touching one key and keys to the right responding (ie press 1 and 3 gets selected instead) – but my touchscreen is so bad I can’t get as far as selecting Settings, as that icon is to the left of my screen – I just keep getting Applications! Any ideas how to get to the touch input screen another way?!

  4. Mudit 27-07-10@23:09

    i’m having the same problem as beekay just dont know how to select the settings menu because it responds to the applications one :(

  5. james 30-11-10@03:32

    try hard reset, may help

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