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How To Create Bootable TRK USB Flash Drive?

I mentioned about how to use TRK to recover a forgotten Windows Vista account password, and it works to reset my Windows 7 Ultimate account password too. TRK, shorts for Trinity Rescue Kit, is actually a customized Linux distribution contains useful utilities for recovering a computer that cannot boots up normally.

One of the most famous tools of TRK is probably the winpass shell script that simplifies the execution of chntpw utility to reset or recover the Windows account password.

Best of all, TRK is a tiny Linux distribution (less fat) and it is good to boot up from a 128MB USB flash drive. If you still keep one of such smaller thumbdrive, now is just nice to make use of it.

Steps to create bootable USB drive for Trinity Rescue Kit

1) Download the latest release of TRK from trinityhome.org and verify MD5 checksum of the downloaded ISO file against the one published in download page.

2) Burn the ISO file to CD/DVD-ROM, with any optical disc authoring software, such as Nero, PowerISO, UltraISO, or the built-in Windows Disk Image Burner feature in Windows 7.

3) Boots up from the TRK CD/DVD-ROM to the TRK (Linux) command prompt. Plug in the USB flash drive and execute dmesg command for the attached USB flash drive device file. As shown in this screenshot, my Apacer 128MB USB flash drive is attached as /dev/sdb in Linux:

Uses dmesg to get Linux device file used for the attached USB flash drive.

4) Now, execute trk2usb command to create the TRK bootable USB flash drive (where -d specify the USB mass storage device file; -s to specify size in MB):
trk2usb -d /dev/sdb -s 128

Read the WARNING message carefully and understand the consequence before entering “ok” to proceed. I have NOT tried a gigabyte thumbdrive with multiple logical drives setup by partition table (wonder will trk2usb destroy the original partitions, even if explicitly specify the logical drive in -d option together with -n).

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  1. NH512 30-08-12@22:48

    I’m getting all the way to the same screen as your screenshot here, but i’m slightly confused about how to specify my device and and the size of partition. After I type trk2usb (enter) I get a list of -d -s -n and don’t know what to do with it. Tried many different combinations with no success. Any help greatly appreciated…

  2. NH512 31-08-12@00:30

    Where from the screenshot can you see that your device is attached as ‘/dev/sdb’?

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