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Using Live Mesh To Access Computer Resources At Home Over The Net

Live Mesh - The Microsoft free cloud computing service to allows users sharing computer resources of Windows and Mac OS X over the Internet.For those who are using more than one Internet-enabled device, you might be interested in Live Mesh. Available for public preview since Oct 2009, Live Mesh is a free web service from Microsoft, allows Windows and Mac OS users to share and synchronize data across the Internet.

Once you add the Windows or Mac OS computers to Live Mesh device page by installing the Live Mesh application, you are ready to access the core features of Live Mesh that can be summarized into 3 words – share, sync and access.
  • Sync – synchronize folders with one or all “Live Mesh clients” in the Live Mesh device page.
  • Share – invite friends to access your shared folders and keep them synchronized as the shared folder content updated.
  • Access – a personal Live Desktop with 5GB of free storage, allows one to use a “free Windows PC on the web” from everywhere via Internet connection using web browser. The Live Mesh Remote Desktop allows you to access remote computers as if you’re sitting in front of it, even to copy and paste files between remote and local computers.

In order to use Live Mesh, you need to have these:
  • Computers running at least Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X.
  • Windows Live ID (the one you used to login to Hotmail, MSN / Windows Live Messenger)
  • Add the computers to Live Mesh as “Live Mesh clients” by installing Live Mesh application.

If your computers meet those system requirement and you’re adventurous, Click here to try and experience Live Mesh.

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