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How To Check Exchange Server Version From Outlook 2007?

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook to access office email, most likely the corporate email system is powered by Microsoft Exchange Server.

Since the public release of Exchange Server 4.0, development of this messaging and collaborative software product never stop, almost in line with other Microsoft major products life cycle, in order to expand system functionality for ensuring well integration in Microsoft infrastructure as well as meeting market expectation.
The latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 just has been officially launched on November 9, about 2 weeks after the official launch of Windows 7.

If you would like to confirm the corporate email system supports some features that only available in certain version of Exchange Server, you’ll have to find that out.

For those who are using Microsoft Outlook 2007, forget about consulting Exchange Server administrator, as this email client is capable to check the version of Exchange Server after you log in to the email account:

Hold CTRL key while right click Outlook 2007 icon in System Tray to access the hidden context menu.1) Press and hold the CTRL key while right click the Microsoft Office Outlook icon in Notification Area (previously known as System Tray).

Some of these context menu options are not available if you just right click the Outlook icon in System Tray without holding down CTRL key.

2) From the “hidden” context menu, select “Connection Status…” to bring up Microsoft Exchange Connection Status dialog box. There you will see a Version column as you scroll the horizontal bar to the right end:

Uses Microsoft Outlook 2007 to check Exchange Server version.

With reference to Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server, filed under article ID 158530, the version 6.5.7654.2.12 is better known as Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 post-SP2.

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