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Fix Windows Photo Viewer Display Problem: Tinted Yellow-to-Pink Colour Glitch

The yellow tinted background glitch happened in Windows Photo Gallery and Adobe Photoshop while I was using Windows Vista, and there is no luck for Windows 7 Ultimate installation as well :-(

As you can see in this animation, Windows Photo Viewer shows different colour at before and after applying the fix:

I haven’t installed Adobe Photoshop CS3 as well as Windows Photo Gallery, but guess I will see the same weird colour problem in these two graphic applications.
Windows Photo Gallery is not in my Windows 7 Ultimate, only the Photo Viewer program. Anyway, it can be downloaded from Windows Live.

How to fix the tinted yellow-to-pink color problem in Windows 7 graphic applications?

The good old trick applied and it works well in Windows 7 to fix display color glitch as seen in Windows Photo Viewer. It should be applicable to Adobe Photoshop, Windows Photo Gallery, etc (since the Color Management is a system setting, not limited to individual or selected applications).

1) Click Windows Start button, type colorcpl.exe in the Search programs and files text-box, and click the program shortcut appears atop to open Windows Color Management dialog box:

Using Windows Color Management to remove ICC profile that causes weird display color in Windows Photo Viewer.

2) Select the display device (your monitor), tick “use my settings for this device” check-box, highlight the ICC profile and click Remove button.

Once that is done, the Windows Photo Viewer is showing right colour as I wish :-)

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  1. Amir 25-02-10@04:25

    Really thanks you alot i’ve search for a long time to solve this problem now it’s gone,u r the man :)

  2. kula 26-01-11@07:11

    This was a strange problem for me because I have two monitors and photos changed colour when I moved photos from one monitor to the other.

    Anyways this worked for me, thanks.

  3. Gonzalo 14-02-11@11:22

    Thanks a lot for the tip. Really solve my problem too.

    Thanks again !!

  4. Matthew 04-07-11@18:45

    Yo rock!!!!!

  5. leonardo akira 17-09-11@15:45

    thx a lot for the tip!!!!!!

    i got this stuffs when i changed for a new lg 3d led monitor

  6. Jeremy Prior 22-09-11@18:23

    Discovered this trick posted here just now and it’s good to see that well over a year since you posted it, the cure is still doing a fine job.

    I just cured my Preview Windows 7 viewer from peach-tinting all my photos in a very peculiar way. Looks like Windows 7 has given us far too many alternative settings. I’d never have found that one buried in there without your help.

    Thanks for this cure, it has worked like a charm.

  7. Dat Tran 14-11-11@17:09

    Thanks heaps! Your tip works like a champ!
    I have two monitors one Samsung and one Sony. Just installed PS CS 5 and found this problem on the Samsung monitor. Follow your tip and it fixed it.
    You are a champ!

  8. Rick Brown 25-06-13@21:40

    THANKS… put up with pink bg for so long…very helpful!

  9. Seden Kalkavan 05-09-13@06:19

    Thank you very much!!! It was very simple!!

  10. Granddidier Jack 21-03-14@19:25

    Je vous remercie. Vos conseils ont été salutaires!

  11. Miloud 22-04-14@08:56

    Thank you very much for your help. :)

  12. Slavi 18-08-14@19:18

    Thx. That was easy and helpful.

  13. OB 17-05-15@23:54

    Astuce toujours valable.
    Merci pour l’info ;)

  14. Dan 17-06-15@16:02

    Works well with Windows 8, too !
    Thanks, couldn’t stand it any more ! ^^

  15. Charlene 23-03-16@09:02

    This worked for me! I had pink screen on Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery in Windows 10. I took a minute to follow these directions and the pink screen is gone. Color is now normal. Thank you!

  16. no quite 11-04-16@04:28

    it’s light blue now but better than pink

  17. Mann 27-06-17@03:03

    Works well with Windows 8.1
    Thanks a lot. ,

  18. Mann 27-06-17@03:15

    My photo viewer problem is different was with my window 8.1 that when i open any img its colors are changing as mcky or like b/w , but now as shown in your i had see tht profile was changed with printer colours management, then i select “system device default” and now it fine view of img colours and contrast.

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