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Enable Full Screen Command Prompt Window Persistently In Windows 7

Please take note of the difference between “full screen command prompt” and “full screen command prompt window”. Yes, the “window” is the keyword!

Unless you give up Aero desktop experience and change the WDDM driver (Windows Vista Display Driver Model) to Windows XP compatible display driver, there is no easy way to enable a real, windowless full screen command prompt in Windows 7 (or Windows Vista that obsolete).

This trick, however, can easily set Windows 7 to persistently open Command Prompt window in full screen (maximized) mode.

(This video playback is default to high definition (HD), and best watch in full screen mode. Yet another lousy, “silent” screencast in WalkerNews Channel @ YouTube.)

1) Create a shortcut to cmd.exe and double click to open it.

2) Type wmic and press ENTER to get Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line utility running into an interactive mode.

3) Click the maximize button to get a real full screen window of Command Prompt. With Windows 7 default installation setting, you can also click the Command Prompt window title bar and drag it up to the edge of Desktop to get the same maximized window.
You won’t get this “full screen” window mode if you click the maximize button before executing WMIC. Am I right?

4) Right click the maximized Command Prompt window title bar and select “Properties”. In the Properties dialog box, tick the “Quick edit mode” check-box followed by clicking OK button.
This step makes Windows 7 “remember” to maximize Command Prompt to this particular full screen window mode, each time you double click the cmd.exe shortcut created in step 1!

5) Close the Command Prompt window (by click the X button or execute exit command twice to exit from WMIC as well as cmd.exe).

Now, double click the same cmd.exe shortcut again, you should see Windows 7 open Command Prompt in the same maximized, full screen window mode again :-)

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  1. sajjad 14-01-10@19:52

    thank u a lot
    it is wonder full
    i am from iran
    good luck

  2. A M Patil 11-03-10@13:36

    In Windows 7, How to make Command Prompt window Buffer Size as 50/25 and window size 50/25 in layout option for making window Normal Full Screen mode as like in Win XP.
    This is required for Run Dos Application in Normal Mode (Pressing Alt+Enter for Full Screen and vice versa)

  3. Bassem Samir 11-03-10@20:31

    it’s great thanks alot.
    i would like to ask if i have system run under dos and i would like to have it in full screan
    cd fidelio
    cd fo_data
    dos’t work in full screan.

  4. Abhishek 27-03-10@22:32

    Wow….one piece of genius… it was for me, man… now i boast in front of my friends….ha ha ha

  5. Rajasekar 04-04-10@02:50

    Thanks a lot…
    Its working… And can i know how to make a full screen view of TURBOC???

  6. Viren 20-04-10@18:05

    reallyy….its works…..

    thanx a lottt….

    nice job buuudyyyyy

    thanx again…..

  7. palla sridhar 27-04-10@05:05

    Quite informative article. But how do you restore the maximum size of the window, back to its natural state.

  8. Jamy 10-05-10@03:56

    I found that myself when typing wmic
    Then I said how the hell did i do that? and forgot
    and THANKS for reminding me xD

  9. birendar 17-05-10@19:29

    How command prompt window full screen in fox application

  10. vaibhav 21-05-10@16:39

    Thanks.. But please tell about font size increase also.
    When we change font screen size gets distorted.

  11. Mohsen 24-06-10@01:46

    how’s this full screen. come on guys, please make sure you know what you’re talking about before posting it as a solution.

    all this solution do is make the screen size way too big and that make seem as if it’s full screen to those who’re aren’t familiar with full screen CMD.

    the full screen is the one you get with when you hit Alt+Enter and also it’s an option you would see it in the display options if actually existed. so the point here is that will windows server 2008 and windows 7, there’s no such thing full screen CMD anymore.


  12. Walker 24-06-10@09:44

    You can make the ALT+Enter works IF using XP-compatible display driver instead of Vista-compatible display driver (WDDM).

  13. Jose juan 09-07-10@01:21

    Me sirvio de mucho,
    Gracias. :D

  14. Bharath 31-07-10@22:52

    Thanks it worked…!

  15. ren 24-10-10@14:20

    Good work

  16. naveen kumar 02-11-10@21:46

    so …thnx ..pls tell me how to maximize turbo c window in windows7 ?

  17. Davao 25-11-10@11:07

    Thanks, you’re outsmarting Bill Gates, ha?

  18. Matthew 31-01-11@21:15

    I have been asking myself the question if this was possible for ages. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  19. Thank You 13-02-11@17:42

    You just made my month, man.

  20. sampath 08-03-11@05:57

    yeah its great job…but if u use the edit command to type some thing in the editor ,it wont support full screen mode.. how could it as full screen..?

    example: c:\>cd cobol
    c:\cobol>edit sam.cob

    then editor wont support the full sreen mode..

  21. KrAzY 24-03-11@22:24

    Editor doesnt work try notepad
    C:\cobol>notepad sam.cob

  22. Ahmad reza 26-03-11@02:13

    hi baby, it’s long way you can say about this way that people can do it: right click on cmd’s taskbar and select default in layout you can set all size for cmd’s windows.
    i wana make cmd like to windows xp with alt+enter can you do it?

  23. Walker 26-03-11@16:09

    You can have the real alt+enter by either downgrade WDDM driver to XP driver (if there is one) or replace the graphic card to an old one (that made for Windows XP).

  24. MJ 30-04-11@09:58

    I do appreciate your effort in answerting this issue, but this is really not a full screen. full screen is making the entrire window become a CMD without scrol bars for up or down.

    if you remember with XP we used to hit Alt+Enter and the screen would go full, and then the same thing again the window would go back to normal.

    that’s what I am interested in the doing right now, because I run windows server 2008 core install, and all I have is the cmd window, soit makes sense to make it full screen all the time.

    Thanks for trying to help.

  25. a voice from INDIA 06-05-12@21:09

    this post is useful.
    as i was suffer from the problem since 2 yrs…
    thnx buddy…:)
    keep blogging

  26. Syed Ashraf 16-07-12@21:05

    IT works, truly amazing buddy

  27. devendra gehlot 29-08-12@18:56

    yes get full screen in cmd after using wmic but when foxpro (dos version) runs the screen get in to small screen. that’s problem.

  28. A Joshi 11-09-12@17:51

    It Worked !!! Thanks a million

  29. Mohit Saxena 05-12-12@14:16

    its Realy Working

  30. Antonio João 26-03-13@01:26

    Thank you.

  31. div0 13-12-13@19:46

    so useful, because my win xp (cmd = fullscreen) laptop was broken 2 years ago

  32. Thyagraj 09-11-14@00:31

    if you installed graphic hd card software in windows 7 pls uninstall that and reboot the pc and check it will work 100%

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