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Use WMI To Find Out RAM Slot In Used And Memory Size Of Each Slot

How could I easily find out total number of memory slot in used and the memory size of each RAM module in the RAM slot, without open up computer casing?

The answer is to command the power of WMI in Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) utility!
WMIC is bundled with Windows XP and above (including the latest Windows 7). For those who are not using Windows XP and above, try to look for motherboard / memory utilities. Please share if you know of any.

I know there are 4GB RAM in my Core 2 Duo Desktop at home, but I can’t remember how many memory module or the size of each RAM installed to the memory slots.

I try to download the latest ASUS PC Probe II V1.04 (for P5B-Plus Vista Edition motherboard) but it does not work with Windows 7 64-bit, as ASUS driver download site said it works up to Windows Vista 64-bit :-(

Of course open the casing and take a look is not much effort, but why I have to do “dirty work” if there is an easier way to find out in no time?

So, here is this WMIC command I used to find out the number of RAM slot in used and the size of each RAM module in the memory slots.

1) Open the Command Prompt window and execute the following sample. I have tested this sample in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista and confirm there is no need of using Command Prompt with elevated privilege.

2) Run this WMIC command
wmic MEMORYCHIP get banklabel, devicelocator, caption, capacity

WMIC command using WMI to show number of memory slot in used.

The easiest way of remember this WMIC command is simply type wmic /? to find out more information. For this particular case, you can shorten the WMIC command for a lengthy output, e.g. wmic memorychip output all information related to memory detected by WMI.

As you can see, there is no need to install additional program, writing a Windows Shell Script or PowerShell script, etc. If you’re using Windows XP and above, the bundled WMIC does the job well.

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  1. Raymond 16-03-10@23:55

    re: Use WMI To Find Out RAM Slot In Used And Memory Size Of Each Slot…not work with my XP SP3. I got ”MEMORYCHIP -Alias not found” and verified that no such alias by enquiry with “wmic /?”

  2. Dave 24-03-11@09:47

    This worked awesome on my X64 Windows 7 Laptop. Nice work. I can’t believe I have been an admin for so long and never ran across this command. Thanks.

  3. edgarcb 09-02-12@01:24

    I couldnt find “MEMORYCHIP” searching through wmic /? … some help please!

  4. Luis 21-04-12@00:05

    Awsome !
    I’m developing a C++ app. to connect WMI, then
    I used this as a reference to query cimv2 namespace, knowing the expected result for each device polled.

  5. Zdzich 12-06-12@17:40

    WMIC MEMORYCHIP shows only RAM slot in use. But how to show all RAM slots with their maximum available capacity?

  6. Michael 26-07-12@20:13

    You rock man. it works for win7 64bit.



  7. Dawie 16-08-12@20:41

    Hi, in which unit is the capacity displayed? Thanks Dawie

  8. Walker 18-08-12@00:57

    It’s in byte.

  9. deran 21-11-12@16:13

    absolutely awesome command,

    works like a charm

  10. Suze Maxfeld 14-12-12@20:00

    Nice! No additional SW to install!


  11. John 31-01-13@21:10

    Thank you Walker! Great command!

    The best part is not having to reboot a user’s machine just to check the BIOS for this information.

  12. Gaurav 12-04-13@22:31

    I agree with Zdzich that how to find free slots of server that command only shows used slots.

  13. Mao7182 04-05-13@22:08

    wmic memphysical get memorydevices

    shows the number of memory slots. Just deduct the number of used slots then you’ll find the remaining available unused slots.

    To find out which slot is being used by memory cards installed, use this command:

    wmic memorychip get capacity, devicelocator

    Good luck!

  14. jerryc 13-06-13@04:06

    Awesome! Just what I was looking for. This gives me lots of programming ideas with WMIC, too!
    Thanks man!!

  15. nt 30-11-13@17:17

    This quick and simple solution made my day! Thanks for the tip!

  16. Sumanth 27-01-14@16:04

    Great!! Awesome!!!

  17. vkkumar 02-04-14@18:20

    Thanks! exactly what I was looking for.

  18. Basheer Yalpi 08-05-14@21:48

    How to find the DIMM empty slots ?

  19. Jim 28-05-14@18:12

    Motherboard WIC command :

    wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,versio,serial number

  20. MiMak 02-06-14@17:43

    Great work thank you for your help. My job just go so much easier.:-)

  21. Philips Akinyele 25-08-14@16:41

    This is an awesome job. Worked at once

  22. Anwar 01-02-15@15:05

    Wonderful commands – works like charm!

  23. Paresh 14-06-15@03:31

    Fantastic! Wow, i didnt know about this method at all. Genius. Thank you!

  24. lakindu gamage 30-07-15@10:19

    Note:in xp can use ‘mem’ command
    hop this also useful

  25. dharma 01-02-16@19:49

    need to find total slots available, if ram is not connected in one slot also.

  26. marc s 17-05-16@14:52

    can we do this somehow on a remote pc on the network?


  27. Mike Lowhorn 09-03-17@23:10

    Type wmic /node:”computername” memorychip get banklabel,devicelocator,caption,capacity. Substitute the name of the remote computer for “computername” in the command.


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