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How To Restore The Missing Adobe Reader Menu Bar?

Oh my dear, the Adobe Reader menu bar is missing! How could I get it back now?

As my roommate asking that question, I was again puzzling over the Windows 7 file copy problem. Without paying much attention, I simply replied “close it and start again”.

Within a minute, the reply was “voila!”. That really surprise me too.

Restore Adobe Reader menu bar

Now, as I take a look on my Adobe Reader version 9.2.0, the function key (hotkey) to show or hide menu bar is F9. That’s to say, you can toggle Adobe Reader menu bar on and off by pressing F9 key.

When the menu bar is hidden, there is no other option to restore it back, unless you know remember that F9 hotkey to do the magic. Otherwise, just close and reopen the Adobe Reader :-). Have a nice day.

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  1. Derek 19-02-11@11:03

    Oh thanks!!!
    I keep searching through the settings but I can’t make it appears.
    Before I see this post, I though it’s a complex method!

  2. deeee 06-05-11@06:21

    thanks a bunch, dat wz so easy and it took me a lotta of time! hiss

  3. can 13-05-11@02:52

    Thank you very much:)..(I wasted a lot of time to find it..!!)

  4. Marcelo Santos 14-07-11@19:52

    Thank you! Really! =D

  5. Werner 17-08-11@22:45

    Thank you very much for posting the solution.

  6. hl 10-09-11@01:50

    I have hidden the toolbar in an embeded pdf on a website and cannot get it back..any ideas?

  7. Sean 19-11-11@00:35

    I got the same problem and its resolved now. Thanks for the help.

  8. Robert 02-01-12@01:39

    Thanks a lot you made my day! :)

  9. Tina K. 22-03-12@04:49

    THANK YOU! So simple, yet so obscure!

  10. erick 28-04-12@07:01

    Thank you man, I was fighting against adobe about 1 week.

  11. Mrinmoy Sen 08-07-12@05:19

    I was finding this for last few days..
    Thanks a lot.

  12. Lin 13-09-12@08:16

    Many thanks for saving my sanity! My Adobe Professional had the same problem, the menu & toolbars disappeared. Closing & reopening didn’t solve the problem, but F9 brought back the Menu bar. Then from View – Toolbars, I could see that F8 would hide or restore the toolbars.

  13. Igor 31-10-12@17:44

    Спасибо это работает и в Ubuntu.
    Thanks, this is worked for Ubuntu version.

  14. Common User 23-02-13@12:41

    Thanks a lot…
    Don’t know why Adobe need to do this! Even in the most updated version, not improved yet…disappointed….

  15. Bill Levinson 01-03-13@02:40

    F8 and F9 do not work. I cannot access any tool bars, not even to adjust the resolution.

    My experience with Acrobat and Flash Player is that Adobe does not take much pride in the quality of its products. This reinforces my opinion.

  16. Bryan 18-09-13@04:45

    I also wasted a LOT of time trying to figure this out! Why does Adobe INSIST on hiding so many of their most useful functions behind hotkeys!? Why can’t they just show the menu bar when you press Alt…you know, the WINDOWS STANDARD? Have you, like me, gotten the feeling for years that Adobe software for Windows is all designed for Macintosh users and not for Windows users?

  17. Steve in CHGO 11-07-14@22:28

    “Close and re-open” does **NOT** restore the missing Menu Toolbar. Acrobat “remembers” your previous configuration each time you open it. I’m sure they think this is a feature, and usually it is.

  18. Barb 13-07-14@05:26

    Thank you so much!

  19. Isaac 17-11-14@18:16

    Thanks. Very much appreciated.

  20. Marcel 26-01-15@16:41

    Thank you very much. I was stubborn because I could not restore the menú of Adobe Reader.

  21. White Mamba 19-05-16@04:11

    Thanks a ton! saved me from calling our IT department over something so simple.

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