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Disable Java Plug-in That Causes IE 8 Tab Slow Opening Problem

I’ve experienced the slow tab opening in IE 8 since Windows Vista Ultimate. However, the responsive of IE 8 tab opening is more “advanced” now in Windows 7 Ultimate!

Initially, I thought this is another problem of running 64-bit Windows. But then I am surprise after running 64-bit IE 8. Although the tab opening is not as instant as Google Chrome (the latest or Mozilla Firefox, its overall tab opening performance is far better than the 32-bit version.

However, the truth of slowing down IE 8 tab opening is not because of running 32-bit version on a 64-bit Windows platform! The Google search results suggest the “root cause” of slow tab opening in IE 8 seems to be a Java plug-in.

Java Plug-in 2 SSV slow down IE 8 tab opening and loading.
What Is Java Plug-in SSV Helper and why need to install this plug-in? – with reference to Mike Dimmick’s comment:

The SSV Helpers are “Secure Static Versioning”. Basically, a page that loads Java can ask for a specific version of the runtime – “Static Versioning”. Unfortunately that means the page can ask for a vulnerable version. The installer does not remove old versions of Java in case you might have a program that relies on it. SSV Helper forces web pages onto supposedly known-secure versions rather than loading the vulnerable version. Again, the better solution is to uninstall the broken versions; you can then disable SSV Helper but you *must* remember to uninstall the old versions every time.

After disabling Java Plug-in 2 SSV Helper, the 32-bit IE 8 is also open and load tab page faster as 64-bit, which confirm what Michael Hanes wrote in IE8 Slow to Load, Slow to Create New Tabs.
Same for me, I seldom use Java apps except when accessing to securities trading websites. So, I rather disable it and turn it on again as needed. Otherwise, make sure uninstalling old Java runtime before installing the latest update from Sun.

To disable Java Plug-in 2 SSV, click Tools drop down box (or press ALT+T keyboard shortcut), click Manage Add-ons, select / highlight “Java Plug-in 2 SSV Helper” and click Disable button (or right-click the Java plug-in and click “Disable” from the context menu).

If the Java plugin is not shown in the Manage Add-ons window, try to select “All add-ons” of Show option list box (on left-pane of Manage Add-ons window).

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  1. Vahees 10-11-09@03:42

    Amazing..Thank you so much

    I’ve been searching for the solution 2 days and finally found that worked. Thank you.

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