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Web FLV Player Plays Flash Movie In Web Browser

You know that the web browser can plays the latest YouTube videos so long as it has the up-to-date Adobe Flash Player plugin installed. But, you can’t playback the Flash video in local hard disk with web browser.

That’s why people looking for FLV Player like the freeware of Martin de Visser to play the cached copy of YouTube videos or collection of FLV files.

In fact, it’s possible to open and play FLV files in local hard disk with a web browser, but it is not as easy as drag or open the SWF files with web browser.

To make it happen, you need these three “little” things:

1) A web browser installed with latest Adobe Flash Player plugin.

2) A HTML template that contains a block of code to embed the FLV movie.

3) A tiny SWF player to play the FLV movie, for example the JW FLV Player.

The first point is easy to understand – doesn’t matter what web browser is used, as long as it can play the latest YouTube video (especially the HD-quality video) will do.

What about the 2nd and 3rd point? OK, I have created one for your reference. Click here to download the Web FLV Player, which contains a HTML template required in point (2) and JW FLV Player of point (3). Besides, there is a sample FLV movie that took from web browser cache. Excluding the FLV movie sample, it’s merely 41.2KB.

To use my Web FLV Player, you need to

1) Create a folder called WNFlvPlayer in C:\ drive

2) Extract the zip file contains (a.flv, WNFlvPlayer.html, WNFlvPlayer.swf) to C:\WNFlvPlayer

3) Open the WNFlvPlayer.html file with your favourite web browser and click the top-most player to playback the Flash movie sample (i.e. a.flv).

A special note for IE users (e.g. IE8), that you need to “Allow blocked content” to render the HTML template:

IE 8 Security restrict web page from running scripts or ActiveX controls.

The template contains 8 player controls, meaning that it’s possible to playback 8 Flash movies at a time (if the computer is powerful enough). All you need to do is copy the FLV files into C:\WNFlvPlayer and rename them as a.flv, b.flv, c.flv…or h.flv.

To play, just click the on the player screen will do:

Use Web FLV Player to playback Flash movies stored in local hard disk.

The template codes that embed FLV movie have the allowfullscreen feature turned on, so every player supports full screen playback too. (Click the button in between “time” and “volume” control for full screen rendering).

As I said earlier, with this “alternative trick”, you can open and play the local FLV files with a web browser that rely on the installed Adobe Flash Player, but it’s not intuitive as Martin’s FLV Player, for example you cannot just drag the FLV files to a browser and start playing it :-(

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  1. Vikas 25-02-10@13:39

    Thanks yaar. Thank you very much for this telling this
    new unique way to play flv videos.

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