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How To Turn Off Or Disable The Citrix Beep Sound?

I am mad and frustrated by the annoying high pitch beeping tone when using application via Citrix XenApp (an application delivering system).

The Citrix beeping whenever I hit unnecessary keystrokes in the Vi editor or Linux command prompt through Putty remote access program!

While listening to Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.5 (I find classical best when I am seriously working on something), that flipping beep tone just too bad and makes everyone seated near to me feels uneasy :-(

Because I was rushing on a remote Linux machine, via Putty program delivered by Citrix XenApp Web Plugin, so I just turn off the Dell Latitude speaker that no doubt effectively solved it in no time.

Obviously, that fix is not good at all and too “costly”, as turning off speaker means no more Beethoven’s classical music playing too :-(.

So, I need a proper trick and thus briefly looking around Windows settings in the hope of fixing it myself. But, none of these works:

1) Turn off the “Windows Sounds” found in Vista SP2 Volume Mixer dialog box.

2) Set the Windows sound theme to “No Sounds” scheme

3) Edit the Launc.ica and set the “ClientAudio=Off”.

I am pissed off and went to ask Google for help. Luckily, locating the solution is quick. Indeed, the Googling is much speedy than trying various Windows settings myself.

Credit goes to Leroy Spencer:

The trick to turn off or disable Citrix beep tone that is annoying.

As you can see, the trick is fairly simple and easy to remember. For Windows Vista (or perhaps Windows 7), you need to run an elevated mode of Command Prompt window and execute this command to temporarily turn off or disable Windows beep service (looks like a kernel mode driver):
sc stop beep

If you desperately want to turn it off in a persistent mode, run this command after stopping it:
sc config beep start= disabled

Thus, to re-enable beep service to its original start up mode (in this case, SYSTEM_START), execute
sc config beep start= system
Please take note that you need a space between the equal sign and the option value (valid START option values are boot, system, auto, demand, disabled, delayed-auto).

Thanks Ross Williamson for highlighting this. For more information, type sc config.

To query the Beep driver configuration-related information, execute:
sc qc beep

To query the beep driver running status in Vista SP2, execute
sc query beep

I prefer to keep it running so I won’t miss something else in future. Having said that, I need to execute sc stop beep each time running Citrix XenApp Web Plugin.

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  1. Ann-Marie 26-10-09@23:38

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. benwaynet 07-12-10@02:11

    This is a client side setting?!?

    I was hoping this was a citrix server setting, so I could turn it off globally! Urg.

  3. HowD 07-02-11@20:08

    Myself and a roomful of co-workers thank you. THANK YOU. No, I really mean it. THANK YOU.

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